Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My New Classroom... What's Been Going on in Preschool.

Its been a couple weeks since I've posted because  its been a whirlwind settling into my new school and getting adjusted to a new schedule, new students and new co-workers. Its been very busy these last few weeks but it has also been very productive . I've been very excited to share pictures of my new classroom with you and to let you know some of the things I have been doing!

When the children enter the classroom they are excited to find their name and put it in the pocket letting us know that they are "here today!" Each child is able to find his or her own name which aids in name and letter recognition, further strengthening their pre-literacy skills. Some of the children even try to find Ms. Candy's and my name and put them up for us.  *This also helps us keep a head count of who is already at school and who is missing, not that we'd ever co-teacher and I are professionals!

After they "sign in" in the morning, depending on what time they arrive, they go straight to free play. Certain activities are set out for them, but they can almost always do whatever the "In Preschool We CAN..." can Popsicle sticks say. Sadly, this hasn't been utilized as much as it was when we first started, but it is always at reach for a quick reminder of what the children can do in preschool. It is also a good option to pull out for those kids who are bored, you know, that child who "can't find anything to do in the whole entire classroom!" Whip out your "CAN" can!!

Before we truly begin our day, we all meet at circle rug and find out what jobs we are going to do today! We are "Handy Helpers" We have nine classroom jobs and each child has a hand with their name on it. Again, strengthening those pre-literacy skills. 

After job designation we have breakfast quickly followed by morning meeting. This is our morning meeting area. In our morning meeting area, we have our calendar, our Choice chart and our Classroom Expectations.


Our Exploration Choice Time chart has each of our work/exploration center choices listed with the number of people allowed at that center at a time (number recognition, counting skills and word recognition) At end of morning meeting each child puts their picture under which activity they are going to do, then they move their picture before moving to another center. *This also teaches turn taking and promotes good communication skills.

               Classroom Expectations/ Rules are posted and we spend a lot of time giving daily reminders of what we CAN do in our room. I would love to say I came up with this all on my own, but I didn't! I got it off Pinterest. However, I did change the wording!

I am enjoying my new classroom and my new bunch of small human beings! Yes, they are human, I'm also quite the fan of my new co-teacher, Candy!  I'm sure you can imagine how much fun the children have saying our names and connecting the fact that they rhyme! Its almost like we are one person, BrandyCandy. Oh well, more pre-literacy!

Lesson Learned: With change comes creativity!  

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